Baby Jacuzzi (0-36 Months) 110 x 150 x 105

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4 jet Hydro Massage jacuzzi system

¾ Double entry built-in battery

 water level sensor 

 7 colors Led lamp

Digital temperature display

Touch on/off button

Pressure adjustment button

remote siphon

2 front and 2 side panels

Adjustable metric 12 stainless feet

Reinforced 4 mm acrylic body




90 $


Technical information

Before ordering, please check the suitability of the place where you will use your jacuzzi.
You can call us to get technical support.
The location where the jacuzzi product will be installed must have a 50 mm waste water drain, 3 x 2.5 electrical cable and hot and cold installation connections.

Wait 12 to 24 hours for the applied silicone material to dry to prevent the mounted product from leaking water.
To prevent water-related calcification that may occur on your product, wash it with liquid detergent after each use.
Avoid using cif, acidic salt spirit, bleach and similar substances to clean the product.
Materials such as sink openers used for clogged drains should never be poured into the jacuzzi drain.
There must be a fuse and a grounding cable for the jacuzzi to be installed.
If the installed product is a jacuzzi, it should not be operated for a long time without filling it with water. The baby jacuzzi is a place where you can benefit from the effects of water so that the baby, which develops in amniotic fluid throughout the pregnancy, gets used to the new living space after birth and continues to grow.
Babies can enjoy baby jacuzzis as they give the feeling of being in the womb while in the water and they can move freely.

Baby jacuzzis have many benefits:

In addition to many physiological benefits such as healthy growth and development of the baby, acceleration of blood circulation, development of the musculoskeletal system and removal of accumulated gas in the intestines, it strengthens the baby's communication with its environment.
The pressure exerted by the water on the ribcage increases the capacity of the lungs by developing the chest muscles and helps the development of the respiratory system.
Innate swimming reflexes are activated and coordination skills improve as your baby learns to control his movements.
It increases mobility.
It plays an important role in the recovery of colic by reducing its effects.
It helps them calm down by reducing their tension and makes it easier for them to sleep.
Hydrotherapy supports the development of your baby's mental and skills and helps him move more consciously and in control.
The use of a baby jacuzzi is as follows: The baby jacuzzi is filled with water at the appropriate temperature, and the baby is placed in still water with the help of a swimming ring attached to his neck.
The baby's hand, arm and leg movements in still water are observed for a certain period of time. After 5 - 10 minutes, the jacuzzi is turned on to check the baby's involuntary movements. If necessary, the baby is made to exercise in the water. After a while, the baby is slowly taken out of the water in a fun way.
5 minutes after enjoying the jacuzzi, you will receive a massage with organic oils.

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