Spa Jacuzzi 230 Q

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2 Pieces 1.2 HP Jacuzzi Pump

1 Air Pump

12 Side Jets

29 PCS Backpack Jet

12 Lower Air Blower Jet

6  Chrome Metal Head Pillows

Radio And Bluetooth

Led Lamp 7 Color Slide

Plumbing Inlet With 3/4 Double Valve  System

Brass Stainless Double Entry Waterfall Filling Spout

5 mm Reinforced Acrylic Body

Otomatik kumandalı sifon sistemi

Automatic Controlled Flush System

Open-Close Built-in Mixer With Hand Shower

Metric 12 Stainless Adjustable 30x30 Profile Foot System

Ozone Unit

Water Heater 15 KW 380 Volt

Touch Digital Control Panel

Pressure Adjustment Button

Double Suction Strainer

Sand Water Filter System

Free Shipping Delivered To The Door (except abroad)

Exterior Wood Cladding Is Not Included In The Price.


  • COMPOSITE PANEL                299$


Technical information
Please check the availability of your jacuzzi before ordering.
You can call us for technical support.
Where the jacuzzi product will be installed, there must be a 50 gauge dirty water discharge pipe, 3 x 2.5 electrical cable and hot and cold installation connections.

Wait 12 to 24 hours for the silicone material to dry so that the assembled product does not leak water.
To prevent water-related calcification that may occur on your product, wash it with liquid detergent after each use.
Absolutely avoid using cif, acidic salt water, bleach and similar substances to clean the product.
Materials such as drain opener used for clogged drains should not be poured to open the jacuzzi drain.
There must be a fuse and ground wire for jacuzzi installation.
The assembled product should not be operated for a long time without filling the jacuzzi with water.

Spa Jacuzzi 230 Q  Would you like to have a great spa experience without compromising the comfort of your home? Here is the perfect solution for you: Spa Jacuzzi 230 Q  ! This specially designed jacuzzi model brings together elegance, functionality and user-friendly features, providing a luxurious spa experience at home.

Basic Features Offered by Jacuzzi
53" Jacuzzi Jets and Powerful Pumps: With the 53" jet and 2 1.2 HP jacuzzi pumps, you will have an impressive massage experience while enjoying the water in the jacuzzi.

Bluetooth Connection and Music Enjoyment: Listen to your favorite music in the jacuzzi thanks to the integrated radio and bluetooth.

LED Lighting and 7 Color Slides: Personalize the atmosphere inside the jacuzzi with 7 color slides, create different lighting atmospheres.

Double Suction Strainer and Sand Water Filter System: Double suction filter and sand water filter system that protects water quality.

Ozone Unit and Water Heater: Ozone unit and 15KW water heater for clean water and comfortable temperature.

Touch Digital Control Panel and Freshness Adjustment Button: Touch digital control panel for easy operation and freshness adjustment button to control water flow.

Built-in Battery & Automatically Controlled Flush System: A flush system with built-in battery and automatic control that draws attention with its stylish design.

Technical Details and Installation Information
Exterior Wood Coating Option: Exterior wood cladding is not included in the price. You can add it as an option.

Free Shipping & Door to Door Delivery: We deliver your product to your door with free shipping.

Jacuzzi Usage and Maintenance Tips
We recommend that you install your jacuzzi in a suitable location before using it.

To prevent water leakage after installation, allow 12 to 24 hours for the silicone material to dry.

To prevent limescale formation in the jacuzzi, clean it using liquid detergent after each use.

Avoid aggressive chemicals for cleaning.

Avoid using materials such as sink openers for clogged drains.

For the long life of your jacuzzi, have the appropriate fuse and grounding cable at the installation site.

Be careful not to operate it for a long time without refilling with water.

Spa Jacuzzi 230 Q combines luxury and comfort and invites you to an unforgettable spa experience at home.

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